The Ernest S. Frerichs Program for Albright Fellows

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This international fellowship program promotes the participation of students and scholars from all over the world, as well as of Israeli and Palestinian academics. The more than 60 annual fellows represent a wide diversity of national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. It offers a unique opportunity for interaction and the exchange of information and ideas in a friendly and peaceful environment. As such, the Albright has succeeded in creating an intellectual atmosphere not duplicated in any other institution in the region.


Appointees have the opportunity to share the progress of their research with other Albright Fellows, and with local academics, in an informal setting. This allows them to test theories and partial results and contributes to the atmosphere of collegiality at the Institute.


Scholars from the local academic community present reports on the most recent archaeological discoveries in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority to Albright Fellows and members of other foreign and local archaeological institutions in Jerusalem.

Appointees evenings with Guest Scholars

Each month, a dinner with a guest scholar is held at the Institute for Albright Appointees. Local and foreign academics are invited according to the special interests of the AIAR Fellows. These evenings offer a unique opportunity for informal discussion of the research projects of senior scholars within a wide range of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. They also contribute greatly to the integration of AIAR Fellows into the local academic community. Guests have included James P. Allen, Ruth and David Amiran, Gideon Avni, Clinton Bailey, Daphna and Amnon Ben-Tor, Pierre and Patricia Bikai, Magen Broshi, Pierre de Miroschedji, William G. Dever, Israel Finkelstein, Yuval Goren, David Graf, Tim Harrison, Jean-Baptist Humbert, James Kugal, Israel Levine, Amihai Mazar, Avraham Malamat, Robert Merrillees, Carol and Eric Meyers, Jerome Murphy-O’Conner, Eliezer Oren, Barbara Porter, Nadav Na’aman, Anson Rainey, Patricia Smith, Ephraim Stern, Chris Tuttle and David Ussishkin.

Field Trips

Over 50 archaeological sites, museums and local institutions are visited each year and triennial study trips are organized to Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, or Turkey.

Local research institutes are visited as well in order to acquaint AIAR appointees with the facilities and meet with researchers involved in different aspects of Ancient Near Eastern Studies.


  • Trude Dothan Lectureship in Ancient Near Eastern Studies

    This lectureship series was endowed at the Albright Institute by the Dorot Foundation to support and encourage the Albright’s long-standing program dedicated to advance the dialogue between students and scholars from the Israeli, Palestinian, and foreign academic communities in Jerusalem. Three lectures by an invited senior scholar from abroad, working in the disciplines of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, History, Languages and Literature, are presented on behalf of Al-Quds University, the Hebrew University and the Albright Institute.
    Previous Trude Dothan Lecturers

  • Internships in Archaeology

    Interns from the Rothberg School for Overseas Students, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are supervised at the Albright by AIAR Fellows. This provides a practicum for which students can earn four university credits, as well as assistance to research projects conducted at the Albright.

  • Lectures at Israeli and Palestinian Universities

    Albright Fellows give series of lectures for faculty and students at the Institute of Archeology of Al-Quds University, and at other local institutions throughout the academic year.

Past Programs