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The Sean W. Dever Memorial Prize





The Albright annually provides up to $330,000 in fellowships and awards to 32 recipients. In addition, 32 Associate Fellows including Senior, Post-Doctoral, and Research Fellows receive funding from other sources.

Fellowships are open to students and scholars in Near Eastern studies from prehistory through the Islamic periods, including the fields of archaeology, anthropology, art history, Bible, epigraphy, historical geography, history, language, literature, philology and religion and related disciplines. The research period should be continuous, without frequent trips outside the country. Residence at the Albright is required. The option to accommodate dependents is subject to space available at the Albright.

For further information please contact:

Dr. John Spencer
Interim Chair, Albright Fellowship Committee
Professor Emeritus
John Carroll University
Tel: (858) 524-6052
Email: spencer@aiar.org 

For technical issues with the application system contact Matthew J. Adams, matthew.j.adams@aiar.org.