Fellows’ Reports


Gasperetti, MatthewUniversity of Cambridge, ECA Fellow: The Bioarchaeology of Agriculture in the Prehistoric Southern Levant

Hsu, Shi-Wei: Free University Berlin, Noble Group Fellow: An Investigation into the Figurative Expressions of Ancient Egyptian in Different Text Genres

Mazow, Laura: East Carolina University, NEH Fellow   “A Bathtub Murder”: (Re)Investigating Mesopotamian Bathtub Coffins

McCollough, Tom: Centre College, Annual Professor: Final Report on the Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Qana: Field II, the Synagogue

Nutzman, Megan: University of Chicago, ECA Fellow: A Hotbed of Healing: Ritual Cures in Roman Palestine

Perrin, AndrewMcMaster University, Canada, George A. Barton Fellow: The Dynamics of Dream-Vision Discourse in the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls

Pierce, George: UCLA, Education and Cultural Affairs Fellow“The Territory Facing Jaffa”: Cultural Landscapes of a Mediterranean Port and its Hinterland

Pierce, Krystal V. L.: UCLA, Education and Cultural Affairs FellowEgyptian and Egyptianized Material in Late Bronze Age Canaan An Examination of Cultural Identity

Ristau, Kenneth A.Penn State Un., Carol & Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation FellowReconstructing Jerusalem: Persian Period Prophetic Perspectives

Saperstein, Philip:  Un. Of Penn Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, NEH Fellow: Greek Architecture and the Near East

Sarie, Issa:  Al-Quds University, Kathleen S. Brooks Fellow:  The Roots of Violence: The Lesson from the Southern Levant

Satlow, Michael L.: Brown University,   Seymour Gitin Distinguished ProfessorJewish Piety in Late Antiquity

Shi, Wenhua: Independent Researcher, Noble Group FellowIntroduction to Archaeology and the New Testament (Mandarin Language)

Tugendhaft Aaron: New York University, NEH Fellow Baal and the Problem of Politics in the Bronze Age

Wold, Benjamin: Trinity College, Dublin, NEH Fellow: The Mystery of Existence: The Construction of Authority in 4QInstruction

Wallace, Saro:  University of Heidelberg, Glassman Holland Fellow: Travels Through Time: Imagining Migration in the Early Aegean

Wang, Yan: Shandong University, China, Noble Group FellowLegitimacy of Kingship in Biblical Narrative and Chinese Classic Shu: A Comparative Study

Xin, Wu: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU, Noble Group Fellow: Persia and the East: Relationship between Central Asia and the Achaemenid   Empire

Younger, Lawson: Trinity International University – Divinity School, 
Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor: A Political History of the Arameans: From Their Origins to the End of Their Polities