ASOR-Affiliated/AIAR-Assisted Excavation and Publication Projects


Tel Abel Beth Maacah Excavations, Azusa Pacific University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Directors: R. Mullins and N. Panitz-Cohen

Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project and Field School, The Pennsylvania State University, Director: A. Killebrew

The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, Harvard Semitic Museum, Directors: L.E. Stager and D. Master

Joint Expedition to Tell Balata/Shechem, Drew-McCormick, Director: E. Campbell

Caesarea Maritima Promontory Palace Excavations, University of Pennsylvania Museum/Cornell University, Directors: K.L. Gleason and B. Burrell

Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima, Drew University, Director: V. Bull

Tel Gezer Excavation and Publication Project, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Directors: S. Ortiz and S. Wolff

Gezer Gateway Project, University of Toronto, Director: J.S. Holladay

Joint Archaeological Expedition to Tell el-Hesi, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tell el-Hesi Board, Director: J.A. Blakely

Tell el-Hesi Regional Survey: Khirbet Summeily Excavations, Cobb Institute of Archaeology, Mississippi State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Directors: J.A. Blakely and J.W. Hardin

Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project, University of California Los Angeles and Israel Antiquities Authority, Directors: A. Burke and M. Peilstocker

The Jezreel Expedition, University of Evansville and University of Haifa, Directors: J. Ebeling and N. Franklin

Jezreel Valley Regional Project, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Director: M.J. Adams

Tel Kabri, George Washington University and Tel Aviv University, Directors: E. Cline and A. Yasur-Landau

Tel Kedesh, University of Michigan and Boston University, Directors: S. Herbert and A. Berlin

The Fourth Expedition to Lachish, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Southern Adventist University, Directors: Y. Garfinkel, M.G. Hasel, and M.G. Klingbeil

Lahav Research Project, Phases I-II, Cobb Institute of Archaeology, Mississippi State University, Director: J.D. Seger

Lahav Research Project, Phase III, Mississippi State University, Director: P. Jacobs

Lahav Research Project, Phase IV, Emory University, Director: O. Borowski

Tel Miqne-Ekron, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Directors: T. Dothan and S. Gitin

Marj Rabba (Har ha-Sha’avi, west), University of Chicago, Oriental Institute, Directors: Y. Rowan and M. Kersel

The Neo-Assyrian Empire in the 7th Century BC: A Study of the Interactions between Center and Periphery, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, Director: S. Gitin

Khirbet Qana, Centre College, Director: T. McCollough

Joint Sepphoris Project, Duke University, Directors: E.M. Meyers, C. Meyers, and J.P. Dessel

Sepphoris Regional Project, Duke University, Directors: E.M. Meyers, C. Meyers, and B. Gordon

Sepphoris, University of South Florida, Directors: J. Strange and T. McCollough

Shikhin Excavations, Samford University, Kentucky Christian University and the Kinneret Academic College, Directors: J.R. Strange, D. Fiensy, and M. Aviam.

Tel Regev – The Southern Plain of Akko Project, St. Louis University, Madrid campus/University of Haifa, Directors: C. Aznar, S. Yanklevitz, M. Artzy

Tell er-Ras on Mount Gerizim, Drew University, Director: V. Bull

Tell Taanach, Birzeit University, American Schools of Oriental Research, and Concordia Seminary, Directors: H. Salem and N. Lapp

Tell el-Wawiyat Excavations Project, University of Arizona, Directors: J.P. Dessel and B. Alpert Nakhai

Yotvata Roman Fort Project, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Florida International University, Directors: J. Magness and G. Davies

The Zeitah Excavations, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Director: R.E. Tappy