Annual Albright Olive Harvest


OCT. 22, 2015

The traditional time of the Palestinian olive harvest is October, and usually after the first rain. Chef Hisham explains that the reasoning is so that any dust or dirt left on the trees wouldn’t end up in the oil during pressing. “But nowadays,” he says, “it’s not so much of an issue with new technology.”
Even so, Ashraf waited until after the first rain, and picked all the olives from the Albright property. Hisham then went about transforming the raw, bitter produce into the delicious final product. “Water, cut lemons, salt…that’s it! Some people add a pinch of citric acid, but you don’t have to.” The Albright olives are now pickling in the Albright kitchen. In a few weeks they’ll be ready, but they’ll probably disappear in a few days!