Albright Live! Tune in to our workshops on our YouTube channel

Our workshops, now live from the Director’s House!

We’re happy to announce that the “Albright Live” YouTube channel is up and running! You’ll now be able to tune in live to selected workshops and lectures.

During a livestream, viewers can submit questions which the moderator can then pass on to the speaker during the Q&A at the end. The workshops will then be archived on our YouTube channel, so if you miss it live, you can just watch later. The first workshop to be livestreamed on “Albright Live” will be ECA Fellow Robert Homsher’s workshop this coming Thursday, January 12th, 2017 at 4:00 pm Jerusalem time (9:00 am EST). View it here.

Your support during the Director’s House Challenge helps us make initiatives like this happen! Making the scholarship coming out of the Albright available to a wider audience is central to our mission. Give to the Director’s House Challenge today!